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8 RAR -The Eighth Battalion of the
Royal Australian Regiment(RAR)

Operation Decade
23 July 70 - 2 August 70


This operation, short and simple was designed to relieve 7 RAR of its operational commitment and to continue the village interdiction role that had been going on for some months.

D Company was to relieve the 7 RAR company at Brigid the Night Defensive Position established on the coast, east of Lang Phuoc Hai, with Support Company re-occupying their former base at isa on the other side of the Long Hais.

A Company with direct liaison to the District Chief at Dat Do was responsible for the northern Long Hais east to Dat Do, with B Company to their west in Long Dien. C Company's area of responsibility was round Hoa Long. Again all companies maintained direct liaison with their respective District Chiefs and worked in joint areas of operations.

The first two contacts resulted in the capture of two prisoners, one by the Support Section of B Company and the other by 3 Platoon of A Company. In the second incident on the 28th July two groups of enemy approached the ambush site simultaneously from different directions. In the resulting confusion the enemy appeared to get away, but the next morning a female was discovered who had taken cover, 10 metres from the ambush behind a bund and stayed there all night. She was taken prisoner and later provided considerable information on local guerilla activities in Dat Do.

The only other incident of note occurred on the night of the 29th when 1 Platoon A Company fired at what they thought was a single enemy at the northern edge of the Long Hais. In the morning two bodies had materialised for the price of one. Both were members of the Long Dat District Security Section on their way to establish a cell in Long Dien.

Results were:



PW 1

Weapons Captured..

Small Arms 2

Ammunition Captured:

Small Arms 200 rounds

Grenade 1

Food ured.

Rice 10 lbs.

Salt 1 lb.

Own Casualties


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