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6 RAR -The Sixth Battalion of the

Royal Australian Regiment(RAR)

Combined Operations with 5 RAR


Operation HOLSWORTHY - Sth - 18th August, 1966.

This operation was a cordon and search of two villages 5000 metres to the north of Task Force, Duc Trung, Xa Binh Ba. C and D Companies of Sixth Battalion were under command for the cordon. Of the 168 males of military age detained, 47 of them were confirmed Viet Cong.

On the night of Sth, 6th August reconnaissance parties moved under cover of darkness to observe and plan the cordon, for all elements were to move into locations overnight. The cordon moved in without discovery on the night of 8th/9th August.

Cand D Companies returned to Base before the conclusion of the operation. but were part of the cordon and search forces.

Operation TOLEDO - 23rd - 3 Ist August, 1966 and 2nd - 8th September, 1966.

Toledo was a Corps search and destroy operation, which included troops from Task Force, 173rd Airborne Brigade and Vietnamese Ranger Battalions. No major Viet Cong units were contacted, but the search which extended over two Provinces forced the enemy to abandon camps and equipment caches.

BCompany were under 5 Battalion command from 26th-31st August, 1966. The Battalion searching south and west from Task Force to Long Tan. There were neither contacts with the enemy, nor any significant finds.

Operation ROBIN - 10th - 16th October, 1966.

This operation was mounted to provide security on Highway 15, from Baria to Phu My, so that 3rd Brigade 4th US Infantry Division, having debarked at Vung Tau, could move forward to Bear Cat.

ACompany assisted to secure the road while D Company patrolled the Nui Dinh Hills in depth. A Company sustained one casualty with minor shrapnel wounds from a grenade detonation. There were no Viet Cong casualties.

Operation QUEANBEYAN - 16th - 26th October,1966.

Sth Battalion searched the Nui Thi Vai Hills during this period; D Company 6 RAR protected the Fire Support Base. located on Highway 15. While 5 RAR had 11 Viet Cong killed, 1 captured, 11 suspects detained, D Company cordoned and searched the village of Ap Ong Trinh on 18th October, detaining 7 Viet Cong suspects, one of whom had 30,000 piastre hidden in a false wall.

Operation HAYMAN - 6th -12th November, 1966.

Operation HAYMAN was a search and destroy operation on Long Son Island. This was preceded by a cordon and search of Long Phuoc Hoa on the 6th and 7th November, in which C Company took part by protecting the Fire Support Base. A Platoon of C Company also assisted in the searching of the houses and villagers.

Having made an air mobile assault onto the island, C Company secured an area and protected 5 RAR Headquarters, and Headquarters 1 ATF (forward) during the period 8th to 12th November. 7 Platoon made contact with a squad of enemy on landing, who fled when 7 Platoon advanced. During the whole period the area was subjected to sporadic machine gun and sniper fire. On each occasion the Company received small arms fire, the Platoon nearest to the source of firing immediately swept the area. The Viet Cong withdrew each time. Once when the Viet Cong were sighted, and one of the enemy wounded, the C Company Platoon followed up a heavy blood trail for 1000 metres, but without result.

C Company set up an observation post on the high ground, which was able to direct artillery and mortars onto groups of Viet Cong moving at night.

C Company claimed 2 Viet Cong wounded in action on this operation.

Operation CANARY - 4th - 14th December, 1966.

Highway 15 was secured yet again to allow the movement of 199th Light Infantry Brigade, US Army, from Vung Tau to Long Binh; under 5 RARs Command was B Company. This operation was successful although there were no results or contacts with the enemy. At the end of this operation B Company redeployed in the area for the operation DUCK I, a similar operation to CANARY.

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