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Vietnam Veterans Association

au.gif (1131 bytes)   The Australian Involvement

Sunraysia Vietnam Veterans - Australia

A Brief History of the French in Vietnam
Another Look at Where it all Began
Honour Roll of Australians Killed In Vietnam
Honour Roll of New Zealanders Killed in Vietnam
A Brief History of the Australian Forces in Vietnam
The Australian Veteran and the Vietnam Experience
History of the Special Air Service(SAS)
Victoria Crosses Won in Vietnam
Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
The Battle of Long Tan - The Battle of FSPB "Coral"
An Introduction to the Battle of Long Khanh
A Story From Vietnam " A Shattered Innocence "
No End to a War, a Daughters PTSD Story
Can You Understand, A Father to Son Tale
Post Traumatic Stress - PTSD - Agent Orange
Hanoi Hannah - Cheap Charlie - I Was Only Nineteen
Nine Rules for Australian Army Forces in Vietnam
Australian Nurses in Vietnam
Some Weapons Used by The Australians in Vietnam
Some Weapons Used by The NVA and Viet Cong
Booby Traps Used by the VC and NVA
Chu Chi Tunnels -The Vietnamese Army
The Last 10 Days of Siagon - After The Crusade
Lessons from the Lost War
Veterans Phone Book and Contact Page

Home Pages of Australian Veterans

Bob Buick's(ex 6 RAR) Home Page
Gary McMahon's (ex 6 RAR)Home Page
3 Troop 1 Fd Sqn - The Tunnel Rats -Royal Australian Engineers
David Foote's Home Page - ex RAAF
Denis Hare -  RA Signals
Peter Robinson - ex 9 SQN RAAF
17 Construction Squadron Wksp -Vietnam Association
8 Field Ambulance(RAAMC) - Vietnam
Vietnam Veterans Federation(QLD)

A Critical Analysis of Australia's Entrance Into War

Summary Of Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War
Prelude to War - How our Politicians Lead Australia to Vietnam
Underlying Fears - The "Domino Theory" and the Cold War Politics
The Australian/American Alliance
Aspects of America's Vietnam Decisions
Brief History of the Vietnam Conflict
Decision to Continue Australian Involvement

Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War
Location and Disribution of Australia's Contingent in Vietnam
Catagories of Australian Vietnam Participants -
Comparative View of Australia as an Allied Force
The Decision to Enter Into The War - The Domino Theory
The "Tonkin Gulf Incident"
"Tonkin Gulf Incident" - President Johnson's Message to Congress
Joint Resolution of Congress
The Resolution to Commit American Forces to Vietnam

   The Amerian Involvement

Air America - The Truth and History Of
Ships and Boats - Vietnam War History Files
Vietnam War Friendly Fire Deaths
Vietnam War Fraggings
US Economic Data, Vietnam War Years
Phoenix Program (The CIA Pacification Program)
US Embassy Vietnam
Vietnam War Aircraft Flown
Vietnam War Helicopter Missions Flown
Vietnam War B-52 Stats
Vietnam War Fighter-Bomber Missions Flown
Vietnam War Herbicides Used
Origins of America's Entry in Vietnam
William C. Westmoreland Papers
Women Who Served In Vietnam
Vietnam War Statistics
Ships and Boats - Vietnam War History Files
Vietnam War Friendly Fire Deaths
Vietnam War Fraggings
US Economic Data, Vietnam War Years
Number Of U.S. Women Who Served In Vietnam
William C. Westmoreland Papers
Vietnam War Statistics
US Embassy Vietnam
"Puff The Magic Dragon"(Spooky)
Military History - Vietnam War(1961-1975)
Veterans News and Information Service
Khe Sanh - Vietnam War History Page

The American War Library

Aircraft Flown In Vietnam
Allied Troop Levels In Vietnam 1960 - 1973
American War Crime Hearings
American Military Occupational Specialties
B52 Bomber Missions- Enemy Defections
Fighter-Bomber Missions - By Region
Helicopter Missions - By Year
Herbicides Used in Vietnam
US War Casualties
Personal Arms Left Behind(Est)
Gulf of Tonkin Notebook
FireSupport Base Development
US Women Who Served
Robert McNamara Documents - Statistics
Economic Data - Vietnam War Years
Vietnam War Fraggings
William C. Westmoreland Papers

Vietnam a Country Study

Under French Rule
Colonial Administration
Phan Boi Chau and the Rise of Nationalism
Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Movement
The Nghe-Tinh Revolt - World War II and Japanese Occupation
Establishment of the Viet Minh - The General Uprising and Independence
First Indo-China War - Dien Bien Phu - The Aftermath of Geneva
Second Indochina War - The Fall of Ngo Dinh Diem - Escalation of the War
The Tet Offensive of 1968 - Peace Negotiations - The Final Campaign
Re-Education Camps - Population Relocation - Surveillance
The Armed Forces - Internal Security
Plus lots more to see at this site on Vietnam

Site at the Macquarie University - by Liem Tran

Vietnam Related WWW Resources - Indochina Snapshot
Tonkin Gulf to Vietnam War - The Tonkin Gulf Incidents of 1964
The Vietnam War, Reascendant Conservatism, White Victims
VN Veterans- Vietnam Era POW and MIA Database
Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang
Responding to McNamara's Confession on Vietnam War
VietNam War Tales - VietNam War Terms
Last Flight Out Of Saigon - US Entry In VietNam
The Use of Armoured Vehicles in the Vietnam War
USAF Gunships- AC-47 "Puff The Magic Dragon"(Spooky)
The Lost Commandos- CIA Covert Operation 34A in North Vietnam

Australian Involvement in the VN War
Australian Involvement (1/3) Australian Involvement (2/3)
Australian Involvement (3/3)
An Australian Protesters Perspective

Vietnam Related Resources

he Best Indochina Wars Related Websites on the Internet
Articles Relating to the Indochina Wars Bibliographies
Documents - Publications, Book Reviews and Announcements
Research Libraries and Archives - General Sites - POW-MIA Sites
Newsgroups and Mailing Lists - Veteran Pages
Individuals Groups- Unit Associations
PTSD, Agent Orange and Health Related Issues
Vietnam War Memorials - Pictures and Images
Vietnamese Overseas Community - Vietnam Today
"My Lai Massacre" - 1968 Hue Massacre
Vietnam - The Women's Experience

Contribution by Brian Ross from the Vietnam War News Group
Australian Order of Battle (ORBAT)
The Use of Armour in Vietnam
Australia's Military Involvement

TexasTech University

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  3. John M. Del Vecchio. The Importance of Story: Individual and Cultural Effects of Skewing the Realities of American Involvement in Southeast Asia for Social, Political and/or Economic Ends.
  4. Dennis M. Drew. Vietnam, "Wars of the Third Kind" and Air Force Doctrine.
  5. Joe P. Dunn. The State of the Field: How Vietnam is Being Taught.
  6. Bruce Elleman. Sino-Soviet Relations and the February 1979 Sino-Vietnamese Conflict.
  7. Jo Knox and David H. Price. Healing America's Warriors:Vet Centers and the Social Contract.
  8. Col. Joseph P. Martino, USAF (Ret). Vietnam and Desert Storm: Learning the Right Lessons from Vietnam for the Post-Cold War Era.
  9. Mark Moyar. Villager Attitudes During the Final Decade of the Vietnam War.
  10. Barton Meyers. Vietnamese Defense against Aerial Attack.
  11. Jack Shulimson. The Marine War: III MAF in Vietnam, 1965-1971.
  12. Sedgwick Tourison. Let's Sell The Bones : The Marketing of America's Missing In Action.
  13. Sedgwick Tourison. Military Intelligence in Southeast Asia, 1970- 1975.
  14. Michael E. Unsworth. A Lesson Not Leasrned: The MACV "ANSWER MACHINE." (Abstract only).
  15. Kim Weitzman. The Relevance of the Tonkin Gulf Incidents: U.S. Military Action in Vietnam, August 1964.

The Best of the Internet Vietnam Related Websites

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