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Australia's commitment to Vietnam began on the 3 August 1962 with 30 Military Advisors being sent to assist in training South Vietnamese Forces.
Our commitment ended in June 1973 with the withdrawal of the last Australian Troops. The Vietnam War was the longest war Australia was ever involved in.

Australian Combat Soldier Index War Diary-Operations
The Australian Infantry Soldier

1987 - Brigadier Colin Kahn DSO- Speaking of Australian Soldiers in Vietnam
" I saw a rain and sweat drenched man in green, laden like a pack mule, aged 21 going on 50, cutting his way through jungle by day to find and attack the enemy, then laying all night in paddy fields or on trails in ambu

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Australian Battles

Battle of Long Tan - 6 RAR
Battle of Long Tan(Bob Buick)
"Long Tan" - OC D Coy 6 RAR
Battle of FSPB "Coral"
Battle of  the Long Hai Hills.
Attack on Chin Duch/Duc Hanh
Battle of Long Khan
Battle of Suoi Chau Pha

Battle of Binh Ba

Operational Plan 34A
CIA Operations in North Vietnam
Operation Phoenix

Air America
US Navy Seals

New Zealanders

Armour in Vietnam
Australia's Involvement
Australian Order of Battle

Categories of Australians
The Domino Theory
Electronic Warfare
Human Cost
Infantry Soldiers - RAR
Political Aspects
Statistical Information
Veterans Phone Book

In Memory
Complete Roll Of Honour
5 RAR Roll of Honour
6 Rar Roll of Honour - 1st Tour
National Vietnam Foces Memorial

Sprayed and Betrayed
No End To War
Tunnel Rats
Long Hai Hills

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RAAF in Vietnam
No 35 Squadron(Caribou)
No 2 Squadron(Canberra)
No 9 Squadron(Helicopters)
F4 Phantom Pilots

RAAF in Vietnam

Army Aviation
161 Indep Recce Flt(Army)

Royal Australian Navy
Operation Sea Dragon
Australian Navy in Vietnam

Chronology 1847-1964
War Diary 1965
War Diary 1966
War Diary 1967
War Diary 1968
War Diary 1969
War Diary 1970
War Diary 1971
War Diary 1972-1975

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1 RAR Vietnam Ops 1965/66
5 RAR - Vietnam 66/67-69/70
6 RAR  Vietnam - 1966/67
4 RAR History
RAR History

Some RAR Operations

Op Atherton
Op Ayr
Op Bathurst

Op Ballarat
Op Beechmont
Op Bribie
Op Brisbane
Op Bundaberg
Op Camden
Op Casula
Op Concrete
Op Cung Chung 1
Op Cung Chung 2&3
Op Dalby
Op Decade
Op Duck
Op Enoggera
Op Hamilton
Op Hammersley

Op Hardihood
Op Hobart
Op Ingham
Op Kirribilli
Op Keperra
Op Nudgee
Op Phoi Hop
Op Portsea
Op Seymour
Op Smithfield(Long Tan)
Op Tamborine
Op Vaucluse
Op Woolongong


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