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Streamed 28.8 Audio

"You Are Going To Vietnam"
  Commanding Officer - 1 RAR - 1966
  "Withdrawl" - Prime Minister McMahon -1971
"All The Way With LBJ"

PTSD - By Gary McMahon with Vocal by  Bernadette Gill(Games of War)

President Johnson's Telephone Conversations - Vietnam
with UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson.

LBJ seeks Stevenson's counsel on South Vietnam and Laos.
with National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy.
Bundy seeks permission to meet with Canadian officials as a means to transmit information to the North Vietnamese. Johnson goes on to express strong doubts about American involvement.
with Senator Richard Russell.
Johnson sought the views of his mentor and friend regarding American involvement in Vietnam.

President Nixon's Speech  Ending the War - 23 Jan 1973

Streamed 28.8 Video

National Service Ballot - 10 November 1964
Protest and Dissent - 1964-1972

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